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Entelechy Development of Smart Microgrid

Entelechy has continued to excel in street lighting in the past 10 years, and has developed a smart micro-grid system in energy development and management technology. The system includes solar power generation, power storage facilities, smart management platforms and smart public lighting fixtures. It serves users of a certain scale and clearly defined regions. Through the smart management platform, a series of power management from solar power generation, power storage and power supply, Perform power dispatch during peak and off-peak hours to optimize energy management and extend the service life of equipment and batteries.

This system can be used as an independent micro-grid in addition to the common utility parallel design of general solar power generation facilities. It can achieve self-sufficiency in power supply through large-capacity power storage facilities and provide independent public lighting in urban areas to reduce the pressure on power transmission and distribution. To provide electricity for people’s livelihood lighting in rural areas, especially the outlying islands where the power supply is unstable and mostly relies on fuel power generation. The integration of renewable energy through the microgrid can achieve self-sufficiency in electricity and reduce fuel pollution.

For the smart lighting part, Entelechy developed a multi-functional smart light pole with functions such as surveillance photography, air quality detection, electronic signage, WIFI wireless network, etc.; modular design can be expanded at any time such as 5G network communication or other customized equipment . It can also be matched with lighting needs, with LED street lights and LED searchlight modules, and scheduled control through smart light controllers to achieve energy-saving management such as scheduled load reduction, switch lights, and remote control. It can be used for road lighting and urban landscape lighting, independent power supply systems in remote or outlying islands, road lighting in factories, roads and landscape lighting in communities or buildings, and residential electricity for small and medium-sized communities (residential areas), etc., to create a regional power network, Provide independent power solutions from power generation, storage, power supply, and intelligent management.

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