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Entelechy AIO solar street lights promote the development of green energy

Entelechy AIO S02 (150W) solar street light has been tested to generate stable power generation. Even after a rainy winter, it can achieve sufficient power reserve and uninterrupted night lighting. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that it hopes that communities will take the initiative to apply for installation. The cost of pulling traditional power grids in remote areas is even higher than installing solar street lights.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Entelechy Solar Street Lights are located in front of cooperative R&D manufacturers. Last month, they set up a second demonstration site in Wujie. After testing, solar street lights can store 1000W of electricity in 8 hours on a sunny day and can supply 30W LED bulbs. With 33 hours of use, it can reach 100W of power storage even in cloudy and rainy days.

“Solar street lights are cheaper to install than traditional street lights.” The Environmental Protection Agency pointed out that due to the traditional way of power generation, in addition to installing street lights, you also need to pull cables and buried pipes. A single solar street light has a power generation module and is self-sufficient. The cost is even more cost-effective.

“Special cone-shaped solar panels improve power generation efficiency.” The way solar street lights generate electricity is that when the sun shines on the solar cells during the day, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery, which then provides the LEDs of the street lights at night. Power source, and the cone-shaped solar panel developed by the County Yuncai Video Co., Ltd. can collect light energy from different angles at different times to improve power generation efficiency.

The Environmental Protection Agency stated that in order to promote the development of the green energy industry and encourage small communities and rural tribes to apply for installation, solar energy has been regarded as an important option for future energy supply. It hopes that by incorporating the people into the renewable energy system, from communities, towns and villages to In cities, every household can become a producer of electricity, and power generation has become a national movement.

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